Monday, 1 July 2013

weight loss vs finding life

Hi my name's Danielle

Some of you will think you know me, some of you have watched from the sidelines. I need you all to know that none of you know me, this is my doing, I don't know me. I want this to change so it is time to be open to live my life with vulnerability, to have courage. Today I heard this definition of courage and I loved it.
the definition of courage was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.

I will stop running, I will live in the now, I will stop forcing perfection, I will live whole heatedly and I will always be enough.

So in this post I want to introduce you all to who I am, without my superhero capes. My superhero capes have been protection, food addiction and fat. If you want to know more about superhero capes go here. So this is me.

I am scared and worried about what others think of me and I am regularly anxious about what my day will hold and how I can hide.

I feel my feelings with an intensity that makes me catch my breath and need to clutch the wall, at times I will feel they will overcome me . I am amazed by other people and I am curios about what makes them tick. I am excited and feel invigorated watching and supporting someone to become their best selves. I love watching people smile and laugh. There is no greater honor that to have someone offer their hand an allow you to support them.,

My family are in the centre of my world and to me their smiles are like magic. They light my life from the inside out.

I want to stand out, I want to be noticed.

I value kindness, acceptance, communication and passion. I crave excitement, connection, truth, acceptance and passion. I am walking away from safety (that is provided externally and believing in safety in myself) I am walking away from judgement of self, hiding and mediocre surface living.

I am opening myself to tears, to fears, to laughter, to new experiences, to feeling everything, to myself, to you, to my dreams. There is no right or wrong as I am always enough. I will no longer wear my capes of food addiction, I will no longer dull or numb that big scary emotion that threaten to engulf me with food.

I will strive everyday to be me and live whole heatedly in my life. I will stretch  my handout and ask for help when I need it most. I will be grateful for everything life brings to me and everything I experience. Most of all I will know with every inch of myself that I am enough. I am enough in everything I do.

I no longer need to lose weight I need to find my life !!!!!!

My life will be healthy, filled with people who love me and will hold my hand when I need and even when I don't realize I need it. There will be boot camps, rock climbing, burlesque classes, pole dancing, roller derby, life coaching workshops, laughter, tears, camping, movies, meals, hangovers, friends, family and photos.

This amazing post by this beautiful lady started this post: the power of vulnerability

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  1. Very brave post Danielle, keep at it and soon you will be where you want to be!