Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Who, What , Why and Where

All are such hard questions.

This blog is about me, my life and my struggles to find who I am and to be the best version of me possible.
My name is Danielle, I am 33. I have 4 children and 2 step-children. I have 2 ex-husbands and I have been overweight all my life. I am intelligent, university trained and very good at the profession I am trained in. I am caring and generous often to the detriment of myself. I hate conflict. My parents are divorced, my step-father died when he was 39, my mother has remarried. My father recently remarried. i am currently trying to start my own photography business, but it is not really going any where.

This blog came about because I have another blog that started as a way to stay on track with my weight loss, but it didn't really have any purpose and it didn't fulfil the need I had. Feel free to pop over and review my other blog there are some before and after photos and some posts about my travels so far. http://rollerderbyhereicome.blogspot.com/ This blog is also linked to some bad memories and I wanted to move away from them and not have them there as a constant reminder.

I want this blog to be a place where I can post about my trials with weight loss, but also my life in general. I have never been a diary person but maybe it will help me to untangle the mess that is my thoughts. It may end up all over the place, so I apologise in advance.

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